Going Nuts

Oh... you wake up late to prepare your stocks for the winter.

You must collect as much nuts as you can before it's too late.

How to Play (Google Chrome Only)

sorry for that

Use arrow keys to move left or right, and space bar for actions.

The sound is important in this game, so turn on the sound (even better with headset on!).



This game has been made for the 40th Ludum Dare, with the theme The more you have, the worse it is.

Game submitted in jam mode, but made in ~48h with compo constraints (WE MADE EVERYTHING, and we were 5 people evil laugh):

  • grena (https://twitter.com/grenagluman) - Code, game design, Music
  • juliensnz (https://twitter.com/juliensnz) - Code, game design, SFX 
  • nao (https://twitter.com/nao__ink) - Arts & graphics 
  • pierallard (https://twitter.com/Pierrallard) - Code, game design 
  • nidup (https://twitter.com/duponico) - Code, game design

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